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Another key aspect of global health nursing is promoting disease

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Another key aspect of global health nursing is promoting disease prevention and health promotion strategies to improve population health outcomes. Global health nurses implement evidence-based interventions, such as vaccinations, maternal and  child health programs, nutrition initiatives, and sanitation projects, to   prevent the spread of infectious diseases and reduce morbidity and mortality rates. By focusing on primary prevention and health promotion, global health nurses contribute to improving overall health outcomes and reducing the burden of disease in underserved communities.Moreover, nurses advocate for health equity and access to care, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance, have the opportunity to achieve optimal   capella flexpath assessments   health outcomes. By addressing social determinants of health and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, nurses work tirelessly to remove barriers to wellness and promote health equity in addition to their role in direct patient care, nurses are champions of preventive medicine. Through health promotion initiatives, screenings, and community outreach programs, nurses empower individuals to prioritize preventive care and adopt healthy behaviors that can prevent illness and promote longevity. 


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