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Johnny Worricker is a long-serving MI5 officer. His best friend and superior, director general Benedict Baron, summons Johnny to a meeting with MI5 agent Jill Tankard and Home Secretary Anthea Catcheside regarding a potentially explosive report. Worricker highlights a note at the foot of page eight alleging that Prime Minister Alec Beasley has knowledge of secret overseas prisons where American authorities have tortured terror suspects. If true, Beasley did not share any intelligence gained with the security services, at the possible expense of British lives.

Page 8

You can also use CRM metrics to determine whether or not your FAQ page is hitting the mark. If your page is successfully solving customer problems, you should experience a decrease in call volumes and an increase in FAQ page traffic. That confirms customers are finding solutions through self-service without having to engage a support rep.

Start by optimizing the content for search with SEO tactics. That way, if customers turn to Google for an answer about your product instead of visiting your website, the search engine can still route them to the right FAQ page.

Once customers reach the page, make sure your FAQs are well organized and intuitive. The whole point is to let your customers serve themselves, so the page must be simple to navigate. If you have more than 20 questions and answers to post, you should also include a search bar.

You can put an FAQ page inside your help center, on a checkout or product page, or anywhere where your customers might get stuck. You can also deploy a chatbot to answer FAQs anywhere on your website or mobile app.

This can seem like a lot to sift through, but Airtable uses its FAQs to help point customers in the right direction. Nearly every answer links to a useful article or additional page on the site, taking the guesswork out of where to find more information.

DoggieLawn, an eco-friendly dog-grass distributor, has a pretty standard-looking FAQ page at first glance. But when you click on each question, the answer includes links to additional resources, such as other parts of the site and YouTube videos.

The FAQ page also prominently features a large search bar for navigation, plus big buttons below to browse FAQs by category. Once you choose a category and a question, the answer directs you to a short article, complete with a detailed answer and suggestions for additional info in the sidebar.

Creating a solid FAQ page is the first step to a self-service solution. But to get the most out of your FAQ software, consider turning them into macros in your ticketing system to provide automated responses during customer chats. 041b061a72


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