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So I have been using a black and white version of the software for some time now with no problems (and it's really easy to use for someone new to the software). About a month ago I decided to purchase v21. i just downloaded the crack yesterday and it installed cleanly. I've been using the software for the past month using the crack. My 2 biggest gripes with v21 is that the registration database is full, which is fine, but there is not anywhere to save a backup of a user's books or options. I tried to add a symlink folder to the registry but it was not successful.. I also updated to the newest version of Ruby from 1.9.3 to 1.9.5 and that caused massive bugs in the software.. I also tried to update the generic windows driver for my tablet and it updated about 80% and once again I couldn't get it to install, and now I can't get any updates to the program.. I tried updating the software several times but had no luck.. I am wondering if anyone has an idea for how to fix these problems or know how to get the latest version. I still get an error when I try to purchase books but the software will continue to run without crashing.


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