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Codename Kids Next Door Operation VIDEOGAME

Make your way through the entrance and enter the room where Gramma Stuffum keeps her oven. Then, fight all of her Spinach Soldiers and Lunch Ladies. Once all enemies are defeated, climb onto the ledge on the right side of the room and grapple onto the next ledge, then pull the switch to open the door. Two Lunch Ladies will appear. Defeat them and continue on. You may have gotten past all of Gramma Stuffum's minions in this area, but you must escape her giant oven uncooked.

Codename Kids Next Door Operation VIDEOGAME

In this next room, you'll have to climb through the vents to get to the next area. Pull the switch to turn the Air Conditioner up to full blast, so you can climb up the platforms. You might want to snag all 12 Spare Parts to acquire the GUMZOOKA (Gumball Utilizing Mechanism Zings Overabundance Of Kandy Around) while your here-- all 12 Spare Parts are here. The switch that'll open the door to the next area is located at the highest platform. As soon as you reach the last platform, pull the switch and glide down platform Number 3 to enter the next room.

You'll have to cross a river of doughnut batter in this next area of the Donut Shoppe. You'll run into a few Batter Men along the way, and when you come across mixer blades, grab onto a platform and grapple onto the next floor. As you make it to the end of this area, fight several Batter Men, and flip the switch to open the door to Area 2, but be quick-- the door won't stay open for long.

Trigger the Checkpoint and make your way through the area. You'll be ambushed by some Lunch Ladies and Batter Men as you go through the rooms. Afterwards, open the door to the next area. Climb up to the next 2 floors to reach the exit. You'll be ambushed by several Lunch Ladies as you pass through hallways. Defeat the Lunch Ladies and head down the halls to the Boss Arena.

After getting all the Hamsters back in the power core, you'll learn that Count Spankulot has a list of kids to spank in Sector V's Neighborhood and he's got help. Your next assignment is to help Numbuh 1 free the children from Count Spankulot and his Spank-Happy Henchmen and stop Count Spankulot's endless bottom-slapping spree.

Hands of Justice are lurking in the yard where you'll start, so you'll have to aim your GUMZOOKA at the bug zappers to make them brighter. Lure the Hands of Justice into the light. Once they are all defeated, the door to the next yard will open. You might want to grab some spare parts so you can acquire the SCAMPP (Soup Can And Magnified Photon Phlazer) while you're here.

Enter the next yard to witness a Vampire spanking a kid. Defeat the two Hands of Justice then head to the deck to confront the vampire. Fire your GUMZOOKA at him and have him chase you. Brighten up the Bug Zapper and lure the vampire into the light so you can defeat it, or you can use your Powuh Shots to take it out with ease. Then free the victim to open the door to the next yard.

Enter the next yard and defeat 5 Hands of Justice. Take out the two Vampire Wannabes and free the two victims to open the door to the next yard. You might need the SCAMPP, so you might want to locate all the spare parts before advancing to the next yard.

As you delve deeper into the woods, five Hands of Justice will emerge. Defeat them to open the door to the last area in the neighborhood, While you're here, free the last three kids and you can advance to the Gallagher Elementary School Clock Tower, where Count Spankulot awaits.

A/N: at that the kids next door, there was jailbreak the villains got out causing the mischief and chaos by the work of Vekar's Cyber Squad, luckily for kids next door they rather have a bit of an unexpected surprise Team Scarlet Walter came to assistant done with their situation of containing the villains... 041b061a72


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