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Dylan Flores
Dylan Flores

How to Type in Over 2000 Languages with Tavultesoft Keyman 5.0 Software

This piece of software allows you to use different keyboard layouts and write with accents, language specific characters and much more. A virtual keyboard is provided in order to help you see the available characters. You can download as many layouts as you want and switch between them either with the help of hotkeys or by manually selecting them from the system tray.

tavultesoft keyman 5.0 software free download

Canon Setup Utility allows you to configure settings for printing via infrared or Bluetooth connection. You can also configure settings for Bluetooth units connected to a printer. This free software utility is easy to instal, easy to use and has a friendly user interface

If you don't have Keyman installed, download the installer xinalug2-full.exe [2 Mb] which will install both a free version of Keyman (v. and the keyboard layout. If you cannot download .exe files, use the zip archive, [2 Mb].


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