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Black Clover Mobile Beta APK: Experience the Magic of the Anime on Your Phone

Black Clover Mobile: A New RPG Based on the Popular Anime Series

If you are a fan of Black Clover, the hit manga and anime series by Yuki Tabata, you might be interested in trying out Black Clover Mobile, a new RPG game based on the same franchise. Black Clover Mobile is an upcoming mobile game developed by Vic Game Studios, a Korean studio led by Jae-Young Choi, who was also behind Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. The game is published by Pearl Abyss, a renowned company that also owns games like Black Desert Online and Crimson Desert.

Black Clover Mobile is a turn-based RPG that follows the original story of the anime series, featuring high-quality 3D graphics, voice acting, and animations. You can play as your favorite characters from the show, such as Asta, Yuno, Noelle, Yami, and more, and form your own squad of magic knights. You can also explore the vast world of Black Clover in an overworld mode, where you can visit various locations, interact with NPCs, find hidden treasures, and more.

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In this article, we will show you how to download and install the Black Clover Mobile beta APK, which is currently available for Android devices. We will also give you an overview of the features and gameplay of Black Clover Mobile, as well as its release date and system requirements. Finally, we will share our review and some tips for playing Black Clover Mobile. So, without further ado, let's get started!

How to Download and Install the Black Clover Mobile Beta APK

If you want to try out Black Clover Mobile before its official release, you can download and install the beta version of the game on your Android device. The beta version is not available on Google Play Store yet, so you will need to use an APK file from a trusted source. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the official website of Black Clover Mobile ([1]( or use a trusted APK source like [APKCombo](^2^) or [QooApp](^3^) to download the latest version of the Black Clover Mobile beta APK file.

  • Enable installation from unknown sources on your device by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggling it on.

  • Locate and install the APK file using a file manager app or your browser.

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

Note that you may need a VPN service to access some regions or servers of the game. Also, keep in mind that this is a beta version of the game, so it may have some bugs or errors that will be fixed in the future updates. You can also check the official social media accounts of Black Clover Mobile for the latest news and updates on the game.

Features and Gameplay of Black Clover Mobile

Black Clover Mobile is a game that will appeal to both fans and newcomers of the Black Clover franchise. It offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience that combines elements of RPG, adventure, and strategy. Here are some of the main features and gameplay aspects of Black Clover Mobile:

  • Overworld mode: In this mode, you can explore the magical world of Black Clover in a 3D environment, where you can see various locations from the anime series, such as the Clover Kingdom, the Diamond Kingdom, the Spade Kingdom, and more. You can also interact with different characters and NPCs, who will give you quests, rewards, information, and more. You can also find hidden items, chests, and secrets in the overworld mode.

  • Combat mode: In this mode, you can engage in turn-based battles with your own squad of mages, who you can choose from a roster of over 50 characters from the anime series. Each character has their own unique skills and abilities, as well as a link move that can be activated when certain conditions are met. You can also customize your squad's formation, strategy, and equipment to suit your playstyle and preferences. The combat mode is divided into different categories, such as story mode, raid mode, arena mode, time-limited events, and more.

  • Game modes: Black Clover Mobile offers a variety of game modes that will keep you entertained and challenged. You can follow the original story of the anime series in the story mode, where you can relive the epic moments and scenes from the show. You can also join forces with other players in the raid mode, where you can fight against powerful bosses and enemies. You can also compete with other players in the arena mode, where you can test your skills and rank up in the leaderboards. You can also participate in time-limited events, where you can earn exclusive rewards and items.

  • Characters and customization: Black Clover Mobile allows you to collect and upgrade your favorite characters from the anime series, such as Asta, Yuno, Noelle, Yami, Mimosa, Luck, Charmy, and more. You can also customize their appearance, gear, skills, and bonds to make them more powerful and unique. You can also unlock new costumes, accessories, weapons, and items for your characters by completing quests, events, or using in-game currency.

Release Date and System Requirements of Black Clover Mobile

Black Clover Mobile is expected to launch in the first half of 2023 for Android and iOS devices worldwide. The game is currently in beta testing phase for selected regions and devices. The official release date will be announced soon by the developers and publishers of the game.

If you want to play Black Clover Mobile on your device, you will need to meet the following system requirements:

Minimum Recommended --- --- Android 5.0 or higher Android 8.0 or higher 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM 3 GB storage space 5 GB storage space Snapdragon 625 or equivalent Snapdragon 835 or equivalent Note that these are only approximate specifications and may change in the future. You may also need a stable internet connection to play the game online.

Review and Tips for Black Clover Mobile

Black Clover Mobile is a game that we highly recommend for anyone who loves Black Clover or RPG games in general. It is a game that captures the essence and charm of the anime series while adding its own twist and flavor to it. It has stunning graphics, smooth gameplay, engaging story, diverse characters, and tons of content to enjoy.

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However, it is not a perfect game either. It has some drawbacks that may affect your gaming experience. For example, it may have some bugs or glitches that need to be fixed. It may also have some issues with balance or difficulty that may frustrate some players. It may also have some pay-to-win elements or microtransactions that may limit your progress or enjoyment.

Overall, we think that Black Clover Mobile is a game that is worth trying out if you are looking for a new RPG game to play on your mobile device. It is a game that will keep you entertained and hooked for hours with its fun and addictive gameplay.

To help you get started with Black Clover Mobile, here are some tips that we have gathered for you:

  • Choose your squad wisely: Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own roles in combat. You should try to balance your squad with different types of characters, such as attackers, defenders, healers, supporters, etc. You should also consider the synergy and compatibility of your characters, such as their skills, link moves, and bonds.

  • Upgrade your characters regularly: As you progress in the game, you will face stronger and tougher enemies. To keep up with them, you will need to upgrade your characters' level, gear, skills, and bonds. You can do this by using various resources and items that you can obtain from quests, events, or shops. You can also use the training mode to level up your characters faster.

Use your skills and link moves strategically: Each character has their own set of skills and link moves that they can use in combat. Skills are special abilities that consume mana and have different effects and cooldowns. Link moves are powerful attacks that can be activated when certain conditions are met, such as having a specific character in your squad or reaching a certain amount of combo hits. You should use your skills and link moves wisely, depend


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