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Dylan Flores
Dylan Flores

Hướng dẫn sử dụng AltStore để cài đặt IPA trên các thiết bị iOS/iPadOS

the manga rock application is one of the best place to explore the world of manga. its vast library of series provides an excellent view of the manga genre. the application also lets the user manage the manga series which are stored on their mobile device.

manga rock full version ipa

the app is ad-free and has a clean, simple user interface. it automatically downloads new chapters and even syncs your bookmarks from your browser. manually add your own manga, and youll get a notification when a new chapter is available. beautiful, high-resolution artwork and clean layout make this app great for looking at but not necessarily reading. the speed of the application is much faster than the web reader. the user interface is clean and easy to navigate.

the app also has a built-in facebook feature. this feature allows you to post your activities or your page to your facebook news feed. this feature is great for sharing your favorite series with your friends. the manga reader also has a built-in twitter feature, as well as the ability to take your google+ reader offline. the app also has a built-in pinterest feature. the app has all the usual functions. like many other chapter-based manga readers, you can browse your manga collection, view your favorited manga, check out the latest updates and read the latest chapters of the manga youre reading.

downloading is easy. theres an easy to use page navigation bar on the left side of the page that makes navigation easy. it also supports automatic page navigation that lets you read through the bookmarks in any order you like. you can also add your own manga and add those as favorites to easily read them later. you can add your own bookmarks, so you can quickly jump right to any page you like. the manga reader also lets you add your own comments to any manga youre reading. there are a variety of search features and some reading options. when you tap the manga page, you can choose to read any page, or select your favorite. it also has a cool feature that lets you add your own manga. it even has a built-in facebook function, so you can post your activity to your wall.


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