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Dylan Flores
Dylan Flores

Sexy Models (90) Mp4

The PIXEM Robot Cameraman from Move 'N See is an auto-follow camera that works with a wide range of Apple and Android smartphones & tablets, including 4K models. Once the subject to be filmed is wearing the included watch tag on their arm, wrist, or pocket, the PIXEM automatically tracks them, indoors or outdoors, at a range of up to 330'. The PIXEM automatically adjusts the zoom or your device in real time and can also live stream videos to Facebook Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube using the free PIXEM app. When live streaming, there is a delay of 10 to 40 seconds.

Sexy Models (90) mp4

Need suggestions. I'm ok with DSLRs but new to higher level camcorders and I just don't have enough experience with the range of models to even know what is out there. I'll be specific on wanted features here because those are the only things I really know haha.

If you (anyone) can spare the time I'd greatly appreciate a list of models that you think fit this description. As I said, I just don't know what models are out there to even consider them at this point.

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