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Download Aplikasi Tema Coolpad

Here we had the collection of Coolpad Note 3 themes. Most of these themes were shared by our readers and some are extracted from the internet. Anyway I bet these themes would provide better feel than the defuld Cool UI of coolpad note 3.#1 Stock Android ThemeSome people loves the default theme of Android OS.This is what you get while using Motorola Smartphones and Google Nexus devices. These themes are pure and there is no other modifications added. You can download the default Stock ROM theme from here.Download Stock ROM theme for Coolpad#2 Dark UI ThemeHere is the link to download Dark UI theme for Coolpad. Some people loves the dark and this theme is for such guyz.Download Dark UI for Coolpad#3 Download Fire Red ThemeAre you a lover of fire? This themes have lot of fire related icon packs and i feel this is a good option for you. Just try this new theme.Download Fire theme

Download Aplikasi Tema Coolpad

Download File:

Setelah dipastikan Coolpad Sky 3 E502 dalam kondisi rooted, silahkan download aplikasi pendukung untuk install font ke Coolpad Sky 3 E502 kalian. Berikut adalah link download aplikasi ifont yang sudah di mod khusus untuk bisa berjalan di Coolpad Sky 3 E502 kalian.

HP bikinan Samsung biasanya sudah dibekali kemampuan untuk mengubah font semacam ini. Bahkan, ada beberapa pilihan jenis font yang sudah tersedia langsung, tanpa harus kamu download lagi. Jika butuh tambahan, kamu bisa mengunjungi toko tema (theme) Samsung untuk mengunduh font lain.


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